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v.1.9.2 New language pack that adds 14 new language support (Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, German, Korean, Thai, Hindi, Urdu, Azerbaijani, Persian, Circassian, Belarusian, Ukrainian and Polish). Desktop app updated to the current UI version.

v.1.9.0 New feature: Failover (hot-swap)

v.1.8.0 New feature: Object storage integration.

v.1.7.4 New features: Branding options for changing logo, title, favicon and logon page image. User name now indicated in the main menu. Timeline rendering optimised for larger archives.

v.1.7.2 New features: Clip download link in telegram notification. Archive availability indication in calendar.

v.1.7.0 New features: Access control event integration. Human and vehicle counting reports. Bug fixes.

v.1.6.2 New features: Camera brand detection in Camera Search. Portuguese localisation. Playback speed indicator now became a button.

v.1.6.0 New features: Export and import VMS configuration. Reset configuration to factory defaults.

v.1.5.0 New features: Logs - display or download logs. Desktop app for Windows, Mac OS and Linux are now available. User access rights logic improved.

v.1.4.7 New features: Camera disconnection notifications. Scheduled stream reload for the web-client. Desktop client support. Minor interface improvements and bug fix.

v.1.4.2 Multiserver bugfix.

v.1.4.1 New feature: Multiserver functionality.

v.1.3.3 Camera stream selection improved. Minor interface improvements and bug fix.

v.1.3.2 Drag & Drop Video Windows Re-ordering added.

v.1.3.0 New features: Event filter in Alarm Panel. Camera embedded video analytics integration. Improved Storage Settings. On-alarm recording with pre- and post- recording settings. Full screen mode. Object counter.

v.1.2.7 New feature: Drag & Drop Layout tabs and Camera list. Minor interface improvements.

v.1.2.3 New feature: Cluebase API v.1.0.0. release.

v.1.2.2 New features: Tunnelling. Storage limit in GB.

v.1.2.0 New features: Embedded AI Human and Vehicle Detector. Instant download of video clips and photos upon alarm notification. Improved RTSP server functionality. Email alerts: Analytics -> Notifications -> Email notifications.

v.1.1.9 Improved Video Window Button controls. New Timeline zoom in/out buttons.

v.1.1.8 Improved PTZ control interface elements.

v.1.1.7 New feature: Settings->General Settings->Video Stream setting. Improved icons in the Alarm Panel.

v.1.1.5 Aspect ratio visualisation improvement.

v.1.1.3 User interface and localisation improvements. Minor bug fix.

v.1.1.2 New feature: Operator Chat in Alarm Notification Panel

v.1.1.0 New feature: Connectivity with VCA - Professional AI Video Analytics System. New Settings->Analytics menu section. Alarm Notification Panel.

v.1.0.7 Minor bug fix and interface improvements.

v.1.0.0 Full multilingual release of Cluebase VMS by

v.0.8.0 Public Beta 2 Release

v.0.7.0 Developer Beta 1