Cluebase VMS Technical Specifications

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Product overview is new-generation Video Management Software that works on all smartphones and computers: Android, iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Windows, Linux and even Web browser of literally any device. Cluebase VMS is made for reliability, performance, and convenience. Flexibility and limitlessness by design allows creating advanced computer vision systems in a very short time. The API allows integrating third-party hardware and software to extend your video system's functionality even further. The advanced ergonomic interface makes all functions intuitively easy to use.


• Highly scalable professional software solution for video surveillance: complete video surveillance solution from one to thousands of cameras
• Unlimited number of cameras, servers and remote clients
• AI video analytics
• Supports high resolution IP cameras (up to 24 megapixel)
• ONVIF and RTSP camera support
• Cross-platform client application (Web/Linux/Windows/MacOS)
• Runs on ARM and Intel/AMD CPUs
• Container-based cross-platform server application
• Cloud-ready video and audio recording design
• Flexible user right management
• Video surveillance in three modes: Live View, Archive View, Tutorial mode.
• Google maps
• RTSP server
• Configuration of all components. Visual access to the functionality provided by the Server
• All video streams from IP cameras can be recorded simultaneously in real time.
• GPU integration that provides hardware acceleration for video encoding/decoding
• Works with two or more independent streams from camera and is able to automatically and manually switch between them within the layout depending on the video frame size
• Requires no proprietary recording hardware. The server application runs on ARM and Intel/AMD processors
• True open platform design that allows integration of 3rd party hardware and software
• Supports all brands of IP cameras through ONVIF
• The Server and Client run on the following operating systems: Windows, MacOS and Linux. 32-bit and 64-bit versions are supported.
• Full-featured Web application
• Mobile apps for Android and iOS
• Server application natively runs in Docker container
• Archive depth can be set in days
• Unlimited storage capacity configured per server
• Live video is streamed in WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) format
• Archive is played via HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) protocol
• Authenticating users and giving access to the functions based on predefined user access rights
• The Client application allows users to connect to multiple Servers. Their access rights could be determined on a per server basis or per servers’ role basis
• Automatically records video and audio
• Tools for archive configuration and management
• Works with multiple storage devices mapped in the operating system
• Tools for configuring streams for multi stream-supporting cameras - selecting a stream for live view, configuring the stream for recording
• Allows creating cameras groups
• Configuring layouts: creating new layouts, adding cameras to layouts, adding camera groups to layouts
• Configuring Google maps: placing the camera icon onto a location and selecting the camera’s field of view
• PTZ device control: pan, tilt and zoom camera control functionality

AI video analytics Cluebase Video Management Software incorporates a powerful system for analysis of video images based on neural networks. It includes the following video analytics:
• Object Detection - identifies people, cars, busses, trucks, motorcycles and animals in a defined area/zone.
• Face recognition – an algorithm for human identification and verification, based on the facial recognition as well as the age and gender estimation. The algorithm creates a database of all faces captured by video cameras and lets you search the database for similar faces.
• License plate recognition - an algorithm for license plate recognition. Video streams can be processed to search for and recognize license plate numbers in the frame. These license plate numbers are saved to a database and associated with the relevant recorded video. The database is searchable. License plate numbers can be compared to lists in real time, with actions performed (or not performed) depending on whether or not a license plate is found in the list.
• Traffic Analytics - intended for the calculation of intensity and determination of traffic structure classify the types of vehicles (car, bus, truck, bike, motorbike).
• Crowd Detection - estimates the number of people within a given area in real time and triggers an alarm when a specified number of people (capacity) or a specified percentage of people (occupancy) is reached.
• Hard Hat Detection - detects people not wearing helmets, records video and sends alarms to security service.
• Heat Map - colour visual representation of data. analysis of customer activity presented by colour visual representation of data (warm and cold zones).
• Age & Gender Detection - determines the gender of customers and their approximate age by detecting and analyzing the faces of visitors.
• Motion Detection - captures any movement in the scene. The following rules can be applied: line crossing, loitering, intrusion, abandoned object, disappearance of an object.
• Smoke & Fire Detection - recognizes smoke and fire in the image
• Smoking Detection – recognizes person while smoking
• Smart Tracking System - search by attributes (color of clothes, bag, hair, hat, gender, and age).
• Body Movement Detection - identifies a person in different positions: sitting, standing, walking, falling, getting up.
• Wagon Identification - detection and recognition of wagon UIC numbers.
• Smart Parking - management of parking lot, detection of license plates of entering vehicles, recognition of model, direction of movement, and payment status of the car.