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Q: What is vCloud.ai?:
A: vCloud.ai is a developer and manufacturer of affordable VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) and VMS (Video Management Software).:
Q: How to connect any camera to vCloud.ai via vCloud.ai Bridge?:
A: Watch this video tutorial on YouTube:
Q: What cameras are supported by vCloud.ai directly?:
A: vCloud.ai works with all IP and analog cameras:
Q: How to connect a camera to vCloud.ai?:
A: There are 3 ways of connecting cameras to vCloud.ai: 1. Direct connection of integrated cameras (Dahua and Partizan) by camera's MAC address, 2. Public IP or DynDNS connection via RTSP link, 3. Using vCloud.ai Bridge:
Q: How to get technical support or consultation?:
A: Currently technical support is available via email: support@vcloud.ai:
Q: How to subscribe to vCloud.ai?:
A: You can apply for subscription by configuring a system at vCloud.ai website:
Q: How to get demo access to vCloud.ai?:
A: Go to app.vcloud.ai and use the following credentials. login: demo@vcloud.ai password: demo@vcloud.ai: